Industrial Plant Decommission and Closure

Smith Inland Environmental Services provides services in industrial plant closure. We are experienced in all phases of asphalt plant, petroleum facilities, underground fuel vaults, and pipeline demolition.

Recent Projects have included:

Asphalt Plant Closures: Smith Inland Environmental Services, Inc. fire safed, decommissioned, and demolished two idled hot mix asphalt plants for a subsidiary of a Fortune 500 company. Project included removal of 4,300 bbl (682,668 liters) of petroleum waste in varying levels of viscosity. All petroleum waste was recycled through an active hot mix asphalt plant and reused as product. Large amounts of metal scrap were generated at the plants and tanks were sheared on site. All waste generated was recycled

Closure of 35 above ground and underground petroleum storage tanks were defluidized, fire safed, and destroyed on site. Tanks ranged in size from 15,000 gallon (56,700 liter) to 40,000 gallon in size. Many were used rail road tank cars. All waste recycled.

Remediation of a 100 year old industrial site in the city center. Located near a major university. The 14 acre property was a textile mill built in the late 1800’s. The property was by a furniture manufacturer for the last 40 years. Project included soil and groundwater testing to establish an environmental baseline for the property. Excavated and closed four 4,800 gallon underground fuel oil vaults. Disposal of approximately 1,250 cubic yards of soils contaminated with heavy metals, VOCs, and petroleum. Secialized excavation techniques were used to removal petroleum contaminted soils underneath historic structures. Property sold without environmental restriction for residential uses.

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