Landfill Remediation

Smith Inland Environmental Services, Inc. has experienced personnel in the area of landfill remediation. Specialized excavation of landfill debris, transport and proper disposal of classified material and muncipal solid waste is a specialty of Smith Inland Environmental Services, Inc.

Our presonnel have completed numerous landfill projects; and have been leaders in landfill site selection, landfill design, site preparation, operations, and landfill cap/closure and fire control.

Project experience includes:

  • A recent project for an institutional client included the specialized demolition of existing facilities and the delineation of the boundaries and depth of the closed landfill site. 85,000 cubic yards of classified landfill debris were excavated from the site and transported to an approved landfill location. The site was backfilled with engineered fill to stringent density requirements. This site has been developed as an athletic training complex for a major university.
  • Excavation and removal of landfill debris of a multi-acre site located in the city center. This site is the location of a very popular park that hosts numerous outdoor concerts, athletic events, and large gatherings.
  • Excavation, removal, and disposal of landfill debris at a site developed to house an historical museum that is now a major tourist destination. Site is 15.38 acres in size and entailed the removal of approximately 36,000 cubic yards of debris.
  • LaSalle Landfill closure included the site work to cap approximately 505,000 cubic yards of landfill debris with a 108,000 cubic yard cap.
  • 4th Street Site was a historic gravel mining pit prior to landfilling activities. This site was selected, prepped, and filled with approximately 457,000 cubic yards of landfill debris. This site was operated for a number of years prior to closure and cap. Subsurface fires were extinguished several times during the activity.
  • Central Regional Landfill. Site selection, clay liner construction, and active landfill operations were opened. This is a celled sanitary landfill operation.

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